Departement Informatik, Universität Basel
Departement Informatik, Universität Basel
Departement Informatik, Universität Basel
Departement Informatik, Universität Basel


The Department for Mathematics and Computer Science offers an attractive environment for research in computer science. Research projects cover basic science as well as industrial collaborations and obtained recognition and visibility on a national and an international level.

Research concentrates on two focus areas, which are "Distributed Systems" and "Machine Intelligence". Each area is supported by several professorships.

Distributed Systems:

Modern computer applications combine often high requirements in computational power as well as a global access to large data volumes. Solutions for such problems require the integration of cooperating computers in networks. The design of such distributed system approaches offer many challenges in systems architecture, data management, programming and computer communication. Actual research projects cover fundamental questions on data consistence and accessibility, on robustness, scalability and adaptation.

High Performance Computing (HPC): Prof. Florina Ciorba

Databases and Information Systems (DBIS): Prof. Heiko Schuldt

Computer Networks (CN): Prof. Christian Tschudin

Machine Intelligence:

Planning and predicting future states or events are fundamental requirements for any autonomous decision system. Decisions are either taken on heuristic search and optimization strategies or on the basis of previously observed data evaluated with machine learning techniques. In Basel the area of machine intelligence combines research in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis such as image understanding.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Prof. Malte Helmert

Biomedical Data Analysis (BMDA): Prof. Volker Roth

Computer Graphics and Vision (Gravis): Prof. Thomas Vetter

Adaptive Systems & Medical Data Science (ASMDS): Prof. Julia Vogt