Seminar: Current Trends in Distributed Systems

Course Number 41229-01
Lecturers Heiko Schuldt
Assistants Claudiu-Ioan Tanase
Ilir Fetai
Filip-Martin Brinkmann
Ivan Giangreco
Luca Rossetto
Lukas Probst
Lukas Beck
Time and Location Fri 14:15 - 16:00; Seminarraum 00.003, Spiegelgasse 1
Start 18-09-2015
Prerequisites Web Data Management, Databases, Internet Technologies (or courses with comparable content)
Objectives The participants learn how to manage and process continuous streams of data in a distributed setting and will be able to apply these concepts in a team in the context of a concrete project.
Contents The seminar will cover selected topics from Distributed Systems --in particular sensor data streams, data stream management and processing-- both from a theoretical/foundational point of view, and in the context of an integrated project.
Literature Will be specified during the seminar.
Assessment Lehrveranst.-begleitend

Please note: Grading will be based on the seminar talk and the project results. Details will be specified in the course.
Credit Points 6
Grades Pass / Fail
Modules Vertiefungsmodul Computer Science (Bachelor Informatik 07)
Vertiefungsmodul Bioinformatik (Bachelor Informatik 07)
Vertiefungsmodul Geoinformatik (Bachelor Informatik 07)
Modul Informatik-Anwendung (BSF - Informatik)
Vertiefungsmodul Betriebliche Informationssysteme (Bachelor Informatik 07)
Vertiefungsmodul Computational Intelligence (Bachelor Informatik 10)
Vertiefungsmodul Verteilte Systeme (Bachelor Informatik 10)
Vertiefungsmodul Life Science-Informatik (Bachelor Informatik 10)
Vertiefungsmodul Betriebliche Informationssysteme (Bachelor Informatik 10)
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