CS341 Distributed Information Systems with Exercises

Lecturer Heiko Schuldt
Assistants Filip-Martin Brinkmann
Ilir Fetai
Lecture Thursday 10:15 - 12:00; Schanzenstrasse 46, Seminarraum (4. OG)
Friday 10:15 - 12:00; Schanzenstrasse 46, Seminarraum (4. OG)
Starting Date 19-9-2013
Exam Preconditions Will be discussed in the lectures and specified in the course material.
Exam Tentative dates for oral examinations:
- Monday January 20 2014 and
- Tuesday January 21 2014.
Exercises Thu 12:15-14:00; Kragenbau, U1075
Content Many applications are more and more facing large volumes of data which need to be managed, accessed, and processed in an efficient way. . Examples can be found in businss, healthcare, banking and insurance, eScience, digital libraries, etc. From the data management point of view, this has led to a radical shift from centralized, monolithic database systems towards distributed information systems. For these systems, it is of utmost importance
i.) to have sophisticated mechanisms and protocols for coordinating and accessing distributed resources (e.g., distributed databases) and
ii.) to be based on appropriate infrastructures which support distributed applications. The goal of this course is to understand the basic problems of distributed information systems, to become familiar with the different architecture paradigms, and to practically experiment with some selected systems. The course starts with distributed databases and in particular with protocols for distributed transactions and replication management. Different middleware frameworks for implementing distributed information systems are addressed (e.g., Enterprise JavaBeans) and novel architectures such as P2P systems, Cloud infrastructures, and service-oriented architectures are explored. Finally, also workflow management and process-orientation in information systems which is essential for building advanced applications in distributed information systems are investigated. The course includes both lectures and mandatory practical exercises with some of the systems and infrastructures that are discussed.
Audience Students in the Master Program Computer Science
Prerequisites CS261 Web Data Management or CS241 Databases
CS101 and CS108/CS104 (Programming)
Computer Networks
Literature Details will be given in the lecture and in the course material.
Registration Registration
Credit Points 6 ECTS Points
Consulting On appointment.
Lectures List No. 15729-01