Projekt: Content Centric Networking

VV-Nr 36457-01
Dozierende Christian Tschudin
Zeit und Ort Mi 16:15 - 18:00; --, --
Start 18.02.2015
Voraussetzungen Successful participation in the seminar.
Inhalte In today's Internet, a web client always has to contact and establish an end-to-end connection to a remote server. One proposal for a future Internet called "content centric networking" (CCN) suggests to deliver content without the need for such a setup, as users are interested in named data, not its location. Consequently, all host names are supressed from documents names and the network has the freedom (and duty) to fetch the content from any place, which could also be the laptop of your nearby colleague which has a copy of the document.
In this seminar we explore the ramifications of this approach and test it using existing prototype software. We will use CCN-lite, a software package that is interoperable with Xerox PARC's official CCNx package. CCN-lite was developped at the University of Basel and is now used in the RIOT operating system (FU Berlin) for the Internet-of-Things.
The extension of this seminar (project work) will be carried out in collaboration with UCLA, California in the area of an e-health application.
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Kreditpunkte 3
Skala 1-6 0,5
Module Vertiefungsmodul Computer Science (Bachelor Informatik 07)
Vertiefungsmodul Bioinformatik (Bachelor Informatik 07)
Vertiefungsmodul Geoinformatik (Bachelor Informatik 07)
Modul Informatik-Anwendung (BSF - Informatik)
Vertiefungsmodul Betriebliche Informationssysteme (Bachelor Informatik 07)
Modul Praxis aktueller Informatikmethoden (MSF - Informatik)
Vertiefungsmodul Computational Intelligence (Bachelor Informatik 10)
Vertiefungsmodul Verteilte Systeme (Bachelor Informatik 10)
Vertiefungsmodul Life Science-Informatik (Bachelor Informatik 10)
Vertiefungsmodul Betriebliche Informationssysteme (Bachelor Informatik 10)
Modul Seminar (Master Informatik 10)
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