Students in the MSc program

What is “Courses“?

“Courses” is a web-based platform for the administration of study groups, exercices and grades. It will be explained at the introductory event for new MSc students at the start of each semester. Please refer to the Department’s website for the time and date of the event.


What is the „Fachgruppe“/“Fachschaft“? (student group)

All enrolled students are members of the Computer Science student group. Interested students are active on the board, as student representatives or by organizing special projects.

The Fachgruppe supports students with help and advice and represents the students’ interests vis-à-vis the professors, the faculty and the rectorate.

More information on the Fachgruppe and its activities is available here:


Can students work in research projects?

MSc students have the opportunity to work in research projects as paid student assistants. Please refer to the research groups’ websites or to the professors directly.

If you are a national of a non-EU/EFTA country, the University will have to apply for a work permit for you. This can be done, at the earliest, six months after your arrival in Switzerland. (Conditions for working for a research project are the same as for any other kind of gainful employment in Switzerland.)

Please refer to this page for more information: