Prospective International Students

Can I study Computer Science in Basel in English?

Currently, our Master's program is taught completely in English. On Bachelor level, only some of the courses are in English.


Is my prior educational qualification recognized by the University of Basel?

For information on the recognition of foreign educational qualifications, please refer to the University's main page:


When can I begin my MSc studies?

MSc studies may be started in the autumn as well as the spring semester.


Where can I apply for the MSc program?

Applications are accepted by the University’s central Studiensekretariat. Information in English is available here:

Please note that in the case of international students the letter of admission is often only issued a month before the start of lectures. Since the application process for a study permit can take up to 4 months, international students usually have to postpone the start of their studies to the following semester.


How long does the MSc program take?

Completion of the MSc requires 90 ECTS Credit Points. These may be obtained as a full-time student within a minimum 1,5 years or else on a part-time basis over a longer period of time, allowing time for work or family duties. There is no limitation on the duration of your studies.

However, since the Study Commission may impose additional obligations on international students, they are advised to plan for at least 2 years of study, as they may be required to complete additional courses from the BSc modules.


Are there specialisations in the MSc program?

Yes, the MSc programm offer two specialisations: Distributed Systems and Machine Intelligence.


Do I need my own laptop?

It is recommended that students buy their own laptops. However, all exercises may also be done on the terminals in the Department’s student computer rooms.



How much does it cost to live and study in Basel?

As of 2014, students are charged CHF 850.- per semester. Up-to-date information on all fees and charges is available here:

Average cost of living for a student in Switzerland is estimated at around CHF 1500 – 2100 per month. Please refer to the relevant question on the University's FAQ page:


Can I work in Switzerland to gain my own living?

If you are a citizen of an EU/EFTA country, you may take up gainful employment. For all other nationalities, several restrictions apply; the residence permit for students does not automatically include a work permit. Please refer to this page for further information: 


Are there halls of residence for international students?

The number of rooms available in halls of residence is very limited, and the university does not provide help in finding accommodation. Please refer to this page for addresses of halls of residence and accommodation websites.


I have more questions – is there anyone I can talk to?

Yes! Please refer to Ms Heike Freiberger, program coordinator. ; 061 207 05 45.