Organisation and Administration

What are Credit Points?

Students’ workload is measured in Credit Points/ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). One Credit Point is equivalent to 30 hours of work (contact time, individual preparation and follow-up).


Is my work awarded grades as well as Credit Points?

Yes. In addition to the Credit Points, which measure the workload (quantity), your work will also be assessed for quality. Depending on the type of course, the assessment may be in the shape of a graded exam or a “pass/fail” exam.


What is pass/fail?

Pass/fail means that an exam may be passed or failed, without further differentiation of grades.


How do I know how many Credit Points I have obtained already?

After each semester, you will receive your transcript of records (“Datenabschrift”) containing an overview of the Credit Points obtained during that semester from the Academic Administration Support Services (Services Studium). In addition, you may at any time access and print your personal student performance summary (Leistungsübersicht) in your Online Account (MOnA). The student performance summary lists all Credit Points you have obtained so far, together with the grades.

Coursework that has not yet been assessed will appear as „open“ (offen). In some cases, courses you have registered for (belegt) but not followed will also appear as “open”.


What happens if I have obtained more Credit Points than necessary in a given module?

Nothing. Surplus Credit Points may be counted in the electives, as long as they were awarded for a complete course. Splitting of CP between modules is not permitted.

Surplus CP obtained during your BSc studies may also be counted towards the MSc degree. In this case, you have to announce the courses in question (including LV number) to the Examinations Office (Prüfungssekretariat) by e-mail, before the BSc diploma is awarded. Later changes are impossible.


How do I register for courses (belegen)?

All students enrolled at the University of Basel need to register for courses they want to follow (belegen). This is done through the MOnA online application. Dates and deadlines will be communicated to students by e-mail.

More information in English is available here:


What do I have to do if I don’t want to follow any classes in a given semester?

If you do not intend to follow any courses in a given semester, e.g. because you are working on your master’s thesis, you do not need to register for anything. The study fee needs to be paid nevertheless.


Is it possible to interrupt the studies completely?

You have the right to interrupt your studies for one or two semesters without  exmatriculating. You will be exempted from paying the study fee but will not be allowed to take or resit exams or acquire Credit Points in any other way.

Please refer to this page for more information:


What is the Datenabschrift/transcript of records?

The transcript of records (Datenabschrift) is a listing of all Credit Points obtained during a given semester, as well as the grades (provided they are already available). The transcript of records is sent to all students twice per year, before the start of the following semester.

You are required to carefully keep all your transcripts;  they are official documents and serve as proof of your study achievements at the University of Basel. They may be required when applying at a different university or for a job.


What is the Leistungsübersicht/student performance summary?

The student performance summary offers an overview over your current state of progress, listing all Credit Points and grades you have obtained so far. You may access and print your performance summary any time in MOnA.


How and when are courses allocated to modules?

In your performance summary, your completed coursework has already been allocated to all possible modules of your programme. Coursework that has been allocated to more than one module is labelled with the number of allocations in brackets, e.g. (2).

Before graduating, students will be required to allocate their courses to the modules by crossing off the multiple allocations.


How often may I be absent during a given semester?

Generally, attendance is not compulsory. However, each course has its own requirements that may require attendance, such as exercises, presentations, group or individual projects, in order to be admitted to the exams. These requirements are specified in the course catalogue.


What is a Learning Contract?

A Learning Contract (LC) is a study contract and specifies the conditions for obtaining Credit Points outside the framework of regular courses for individual students. This may be an internship, following a lecture at another university, holding a tutorial or writing a thesis. Student and teacher write down the details of the student’s planned activity in a form which is then signed by both and handed over to the study program coordinator. Templates for Learning Contracts are available in “Courses”.


What is a „lehrveranstaltungsbegleitende Leistungsüberprüfung“?

The „lehrveranstaltungsbegleitende Leistungsüberprüfung“ is one kind of course assessment and may take several forms: exercises, presentations, individual or group projects, as well as an exam at the end of the semester. If you fail in such an exam, you have the possibility to resit, several times if necessary. In certain cases, you will have to repeat the entire course. Please ask your tutor for conditions of resits.

When you register for a course on MOnA (belegen), you are automatically registered for all parts of the Lehrveranstaltungsbegleitende Leistungsüberprüfung. If you cannot take part in the exam at the end of the semester, please inform your lecturer in time.


What is an „Examen“?

Certain courses, namely the „Hauptvorlesungen“ (main lectures) in the Mathematics and Natural Science Modules, are concluded by a so-called „Examen“. This may be an oral or written exam. If a student fails an “Examen”, he or she can repeat it once (only once) within a year’s time. If the repeat “Examen” is failed as well, the student has the following options:

a) either another, equivalent course can be substituted for the failed course (if the Wegleitung or Studienordnung allows this),


b) the failed course can be compensated by good grades in other courses. Provided the average grade is at least 4,0 (non-rounded), this possibility is allowed by the “Wegleitung” for the Mathematics and Natural Sciences Modules in the Bachelor programme.

If it is neither possible to substitute another course nor to compensate with good grades, the student has failed the concerned module. As a consequence, he or she will be excluded from further studying Computer Science at any Swiss University or University of Applied Science.

Students wishing to take an “Examen” have to register with the Prüfungssekretariat of the Philosophisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät within a certain time period. Please check the information on procedure and deadlines in good time: .